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Works For Me Wednesday- Special Needs Resources


Many of you know I teach special education, which covers a very broad umbrella of kiddos. There are a TON of great resources out there, but since many students have multiple needs I often found myself searching and switching screens. Not a good use of time…. enter SEN teacher! This site has it all and in one place! print-ables, free software downloads, customized search engines. It has really saved me a ton of time and headache.

 And it is FREE!!

This is what Works for Me? What works for you? Check out Shannon’s Blog for many many many more great tips!


Works for Me Wednesday- Blog Organization



I have issues… Many of them. One of which is organization. If things are not organized, I feel like I will lose my mind (what is left of it.) My blogs are no exception to this. When I started in January, I spent lots of time looking online for ideas. There are tons of GREAT templates out there for planning your blog posts. I found this one from creative webideas, these two from productive flourishing, List plan it also has a great one. Happy to be at home has this very helpful Mom’s blogger planner.


So many great ones, yet I needed one to fit my unique needs. So I whipped these little things up. First off this is dsc_0001  my-bloggy-life      


I keep it in the front of my brain binder. I use to plan weekly theme topics, memes and my weekly submissions to Blissfully Domestic.

Then there is this (  blog-post-planner1) organization sheet. This helps me as I am brainstorming for posts. I can jot things down such as titles, points, or images I find.


The way you organize your blog is as unique as we are, this is what Works For Me!


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PS if the documents I created won’t open, email me, thezieglers AT hotmail DOT com.  I will be happy to send them to you 🙂

Works for Me Wednesday- Visual Schedule


 Being a teacher, I am all about routine. Of course, my 2 ½ year old usually has other ideas. Bedtime seems to be especially hard for us. Since we work all day we tend to be more relaxed in the evenings and can lose our consistency. To help us stay on track I made this visual work board for Mark.


First I printed off icons for the activities that make up our routine. (You can use any clip art or photos, I used the simple ones from a program I have on my computer)


Next, I had Mark color them. I then glued them to a long piece of construction paper, laminated it and then hung it on the wall. Mark takes great pride in telling me what we need to do next. This has helped us stay organized and maintain the consistency a 2 ½ year old thrives on.  Visual bedtime schedules work for me! For more great works for me Wednesday times, visit Shannon’s Blog at Rocks in My Dryer

Works for Me Wednesday- Natural Cleaning


I love the feel of a clean house, I love the look of a clean house…but I hate actually cleaning the house! The harsh smells of chemicals, the powdery film everywhere, the thought that I am probably mutating my dogs and child…..

After our recent round of illnesses I decided it was time to do some major house disinfectation (it’s my word, just trust me). Not wanting to impose any more brain damage on my family, I went on a quest for natural but powerful disinfectants. My Twitter friends were very helpful and offered some great tips: lemon juice, alcohol, and bleach water were all suggested. One friend suggested “Merlin’s Magic” from the book Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. Intrigued, I ran (ok, drove) to the store, mixed the little concoction, and went to town. Holy Cow, this stuff worked! I think our house got as clean as bleach water but without the yucky smell, but only time will tell how effective it was in evicting our resident germs. But this has me excited to try other really neat cleaner “recipes”.


I know that cleaning products are a personal choice and vary by family, but Merlin’s Magic works for me!

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Works for me Wednesday- My Brain Binder!


Since becoming a mom, I had a much harder time remembering things. Maybe it is age, maybe it is too much on my plate…. who knows, but it is a scary truth! 

In an effort to regain my sanity, I found the idea of a “household notebook” or a “kitchen folio” on several websites. I was in love– finally a way to literally keep it all together!!! Here is a peek at my “brain binder.”


I have 10 dividers: 


My daily docket ( a HUGE thanks to simple mom!)

Calendars- Church, school, book clubs, etc

Phone Numbers

Housekeeping: I use lists from simplemom and listplanit

Meals and Menus: My stash of take out menus, pantry and freezer inventories

Activities: this is where I keep notes, brochures and whatnots for our various activities

Mark: This is the section for my son’s things. Preschool papers, medication info, etc.

Church: I am on several committees our church so this is where I stash my notes

MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers group I belong to

Book Clubs: I found these great forms at listplanit to help me keep my readings straight!

Finances: Since we are following Dave Ramsey’s budget plan, I keep all of our papers here

Blog Work: Since I have several blogs to manage, I created a planning page based on listplanit. I also keep my style guides and correspondence in there .



I know everyone’s style organization is different, but this is what Works for Me!

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