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My Finer Things….


Amy, over at Amy’s Finer Things hosts a Friday meme called “Finer things Friday.” This is been a strange week at the Ziegler Zoo, full of life’s ups and downs. Week’s like this make me realize the finer things in my life…. My boys.

I am talking about my husband and son of course.  They are the loves of my life and make everyday worth living.  Dale and I went to high school together, but didn’t start dating until we were almost out of college. God keep him in my life for all those years. I dated boys who were not right for me, but Dale was always there to listen when someone broke my heart.  Our senior year of college he and I went out over Christmas break and have been together ever since.

Mark is my miracle. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy, and from the moment  I saw him on that little screen I knew he was mine. A perfect blend of Dale and me. He has Dale’s eyes, which melt my heart. He makes me laugh everyday, he shows me what is important and makes me stop and realize the true “finer things”

And then there are my furry kids…. Sukey the wonder mutt and Simba the tank. They were my first children, they taught me to be a mommy.

dsc_0051 dsc_0048

So here is to the finer things in my life,  what are the finer things in yours? Visit Amy’s site for more of the Finest things


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25 Random Things About Me


These are all going around Facebook and since many of you don’t really “know me” I thought I would post mine here…

1. I have two brothers, one passed away shortly after birth.
2. I met my husband in high school, but didn’t start dating him until we were seniors in college
3. I love rocking my baby to sleep
4. I have issues; my food can’t touch on the plate
5. I can not sing, my daddy paid so much money for me to have lessons and I still suck
6. I used to be a ballerina, but then I had a kid and got fat
7. I thought childbirth was easy, I loved it (I was drugged)
8. I live with in a mile of most of my family
9. I am afraid of mice, snakes, rats, and pretty much all pests
10. I am a terrible speller; I have to have someone proofread all my work
11. I am dying to be a stay at home mom
12. I have a big fat beagle who was supposed to die 6 years ago. She still acts like a puppy
13. I am a twitter addict
14. My mom is my hero
15. I love photography; I really want to be better at it.
16. I am terrified of disappointing my dad
17. I love to bake; Mark is my sous chief
18. I love my grandparents and am scared to lose them
19. I wish I could learn from my mistakes
20. I have never done anything truly extraordinary
21. My brother published a book, and I am very proud of him
22. I wish I had a better relationship with God
23. I have a big (150lb) golden retriever who makes me feel safe even though he would never hurt a fly
24. I should exercise more
25. Wow, last one, I am pretty boring!

That’s me in a nutshell 🙂 Have a beautiful Sunday, remember it was God’s idea to rest in the first place.

Finding Yourself



The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart.  ~Julien Green



I had the privilege of attending a conference with Kathy Bocchino, founder of the Heart of Change organization. Kathy works with fortune 500 companies, schools and parts of Government on the idea of change.  Now, I hate change. Flat out detest it, but when we are feeling burnt out, we obviously need to change something. In Kathy’s training she repeatedly mentioned that change must come from with in. To identify were we need to change, we must know ourselves. Try these tools to help you- the basic version of these is free, for advanced results you can pay for them.  (If you don’t find these useful, just google personality tests, there are tons!) The important thing is not the test, but that you are discovering yourself.








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