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Happy Sun

Yesteraday I had the opportuinty to go make my very own rain barrel with my Mother in Law, so much fun. I will be posting all about the experience as well as simple ways to make your life a little greener throughout this week, so be sure and stop by often!


Works for Me Wednesday- Natural Cleaning


I love the feel of a clean house, I love the look of a clean house…but I hate actually cleaning the house! The harsh smells of chemicals, the powdery film everywhere, the thought that I am probably mutating my dogs and child…..

After our recent round of illnesses I decided it was time to do some major house disinfectation (it’s my word, just trust me). Not wanting to impose any more brain damage on my family, I went on a quest for natural but powerful disinfectants. My Twitter friends were very helpful and offered some great tips: lemon juice, alcohol, and bleach water were all suggested. One friend suggested “Merlin’s Magic” from the book Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. Intrigued, I ran (ok, drove) to the store, mixed the little concoction, and went to town. Holy Cow, this stuff worked! I think our house got as clean as bleach water but without the yucky smell, but only time will tell how effective it was in evicting our resident germs. But this has me excited to try other really neat cleaner “recipes”.


I know that cleaning products are a personal choice and vary by family, but Merlin’s Magic works for me!

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