Meal Planning Monday – Going Gluten Free


Happy Monday! I have been having some weird stomach and allergy issues, so after much reading and advice from my Twitter friends, I am going to go gluten free. I am really amazed most of the things we eat everyday are gluten free, I just may need to buy a different brand. I am excited to give these recipes a try:  


2/16     M-      Rice and Bean Burritos

2/17     T-       Vegetable Beef Soup (my grandma’s recipe)

2/18     W-       Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

2/19     TH-      Lasagna

2/20     F-        Pizza Night (Were going out!)

2/21     S-        Small group meal at church

2/22     SU-      Stuffed Green Peppers


Of course Mark will still have his waffles and cereal for breakfast and Dale will still be eating his omelets, and snacks will be our usual fresh fruits and veggies (or if you are Mark strawberries and carrots)


I am a little concerned that eating GF will destroy my budget, but I have heard so many people share how it has improved many aspects of their life; I can’t help but give it a try. Now if you will excuse me I need to take my benedryl and take a bath in cortisone cream


2 responses to “Meal Planning Monday – Going Gluten Free

  1. Welcome to MPM! It’s great to have another GF blogger. I also am allergic, along with cow dairy and chicken eggs.

    The ginger chicken stir fry looks great. I’m going to have to try it. Keep an eye out for gluten in the strangest places. It’s a cheap filler and it’s often in American products like soy sauce.

    My blog also has recipes, in case you are interested.

  2. Hi, I’m gf & dealing with a host of other food allergies in our family, and also new to MPM. Welcome! As an alternative to bathing in cortizone cream, you might want to check out this link, <> it has proved very helpful both to me and my son (who used to have very bad eczema). The advice there is all FREE, and takes a mostly natural, preventative approach. By reading that website, and making a few small changes (chosen based on what I had in the house, like switching to Dove soap to wash my hands and zinc diaper cream to heal painful, cracked skin, for instance), I was able to rid myself of eczema on my hands, and I have made huge strides in solving my son’s widespread eczema. All without steroid/cortizone creams! I am very grateful to Christina Nevada, the woman who did all the research to pull so much information together, for making available for free. She must be a very compassionate person.

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