Talking about Money


When I married my husband, he tried to make a family budget with me, which he quickly realized would be like herding cats. I did not like to talk about money. We are not alone, research tells us that most people would rather talk to a stranger about their sex life than talk about their finances.  After taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class this past year, we have started implementing “budget meetings” which have not only helped our finances, but also helped our marriage. I no longer get hives when my husband wants to make our budget.  Here are some suggestions from others which I have found helpful in communicating about money.

Make a date of it! We schedule our budget meetings and write them down on our family calendar. We have snacks and some wine. It is not my favorite activity, but at least I know when it is coming.    ‘

Come with a list. My husband and I both come with an actual paper list of things we would like to discuss. These are things simple like a manicure to major like a trip to Blissdom. Of course not everything makes it into our budget, but our wishes and desires are known.

Play nice. Finger pointing does no good for anyone. When discussing money try to leave all emotion out and focus on the facts.

Keep it brief. We plan an hour for our meetings, no more. You can go round and round with the if’s, and’s, and but’s, but if you need longer, schedule another session.

I beg you, start communicating about money. Your future will thank you.


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