Finding Peace with Your Money


They say money can’t by happiness, but why are we always so stressed when it comes to money matters?  I have a beautiful healthy son, a loving husband and a great job, however when the subject of finances my mood changes from feeling blessed to depressed. How can we find inner peace with our finances? Here are some of my suggestions:


Pray- Pray for peace, guidance, patience, whatever fits your situation. God loves you and wants to hear from you.


Talk– Discussing struggles, sharing a tip or even just venting helps send me gray clouds packing.


Budget– While you may not have enough money to do all the things you want, having a plan puts my mind at ease. There is something freeing about knowing exactly where my money is going.


Think Happy Thoughts- research has proven thinking positive can help lower blood pressure, ease PMS symptoms, and even help you lose weight! Instead of thinking “If my husband had a better job….”   Try reframing your thoughts into ones like “I am thankful my husband has a job.” Even simply using the word “When” instead of “if” can boost your outlook.


Norman Vincent Peale once said “Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” Don’t let your finances run your life.


How do you find peace with your money?


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