Online Budgeting Tools


I have a confession to make. I am a lousy money manager. I always have good intentions. I save all my receipts thinking I will balancing that checkbook and you know what, those receipts end up being used a color paper to distract my toddler when we are stuck waiting somewhere. And as for the checkbook, well your guess is as good as mine. Yep, I should not be trusted with money. Luckily for me and the other “free sprits” (to quote Dave Ramsey) there are some great online budgeting tools out there. Here are some of the more prominent ones. (or at least prominent in my little world): ** Please note, I am not endorsing nor reviewing any of these products, these are simply for your information**


 Mvelopes is an fee based program that manages all aspects of budgeting. 14467 financial institutions currently will cooperate with this program.  Mvelopes offers a free 30 day trial


 Simple Planning: The website describes this product as “Easy to use Excel Spreadsheet: Planning and tracking a personal budget is not everyone’s idea of fun, so we’ve developed an easy to use, easy to understand budget planner that works right in Microsoft Excel (no need for additional software)”. Free Demo is offered.  


 PearBudget appears to be simple and concise. They offer a 30 day free trial as well.


 Just budget is a free service, however there is not a lot of information on the website. Per the “what is” tab  “Justbudget is in evolution. As you are using it, you’ll slowly discover new features coming in. As you or any user would feel them useful. Tell me what is missing; the most popular requests will get their way to”


And of course there are the computer based resources:

            Excel – make your own spreadsheet


            Microsoft Money


The important this is that you BUDGET, not how you do it. As my favorite money guru Dave Ramsey says “every penny has a name on purpose”


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