25 Random Things About Me


These are all going around Facebook and since many of you don’t really “know me” I thought I would post mine here…

1. I have two brothers, one passed away shortly after birth.
2. I met my husband in high school, but didn’t start dating him until we were seniors in college
3. I love rocking my baby to sleep
4. I have issues; my food can’t touch on the plate
5. I can not sing, my daddy paid so much money for me to have lessons and I still suck
6. I used to be a ballerina, but then I had a kid and got fat
7. I thought childbirth was easy, I loved it (I was drugged)
8. I live with in a mile of most of my family
9. I am afraid of mice, snakes, rats, and pretty much all pests
10. I am a terrible speller; I have to have someone proofread all my work
11. I am dying to be a stay at home mom
12. I have a big fat beagle who was supposed to die 6 years ago. She still acts like a puppy
13. I am a twitter addict
14. My mom is my hero
15. I love photography; I really want to be better at it.
16. I am terrified of disappointing my dad
17. I love to bake; Mark is my sous chief
18. I love my grandparents and am scared to lose them
19. I wish I could learn from my mistakes
20. I have never done anything truly extraordinary
21. My brother published a book, and I am very proud of him
22. I wish I had a better relationship with God
23. I have a big (150lb) golden retriever who makes me feel safe even though he would never hurt a fly
24. I should exercise more
25. Wow, last one, I am pretty boring!

That’s me in a nutshell đŸ™‚ Have a beautiful Sunday, remember it was God’s idea to rest in the first place.


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