5 Bloggers Who Inspire me…


A few days ago, I was working on all my bloggy work and scheduling posts and I started thinking about all the people who have inspired me to be the writer that I am starting to become. There are many many people who have made an impact on me, but here are the 5 who top my list:

My brother Mike– he is the only one on my list who exists in my real life.  Mike has always been my biggest encourager and has tried to get me to start a blog for forever.  He even bought me a book on blogging!  While I will never be the writer that he is (he published a book at age 23), I am forever inspired by him, and grateful for all of his support (and taking my crazy phone calls when my wordpress doesn’t play nice).  My mom, who is not a blogger, has also inspired us both to be better writers. She made us stay with the “mean” English teachers in high school, help us edit our work, and always expected our best.

Crystal Paine- Crystal’s Moneysaving Mom website was my first introduction to the blogging life. I first started reading her work and saving money with her CVS deals and tips (I could pay off my student loans with ExtraCare bucks if they’d let me). As I read more, I found her blog Biblical Womanhood.  She has written many posts on writing for a living. Her wise words planted the seed that blogging was something I could do. She is a home schooling mommy to two beautiful girls and will welcome her third in May, yet still manages to keep it all in perspective. She blogs about being a mom of little ones as Mom Of Littles.  She inspires me to be the woman God wants me to be.

Mrs. Fussypants- Alli is my inspiration for “just doing it.” She seriously is the hardest working mommy I know. She has 5 boys (which makes her a Saint in my book).  Alli is one of those chicks who when faced with a challenge comes out swinging. She is the creator of Blissfully Domestic (for which I am honored to write), host of Blissdom, and blogs as Mrs. Fussypants. She just started a new adventure Worthington Wire and is living proof that you can do anything you put your mind to.

MckMammaMckMamma is my newest inspiration. Her youngest child was diagnosed with a severe heart condition in utero and was not supposed to live. As I read her blog and just was in awe of her grace and poise. She used her blog to show God’s Love and inspire others whose children have faced challenges instead of playing the “Woe is me” card.  Reading her works reminds me to be thankful for the little things in life and not “sweat the small stuff.”

NieNie– I can’t give her blog the respect it deserves. You must check it out for yourself. She makes you want to be a better you.

Now that I am all inspired…. I shall go write more!

oencialphoto by: trial


One response to “5 Bloggers Who Inspire me…

  1. Awwwww, THANK YOU!!!!!!

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