Works For Me Wednesday


I am relatively new to the coupon world and since I am an organization freak, I have been on the quest to get all my coupons in some semblance of order. I tried the binder, expandable file, and the crate. Moneysaving Mom did a review of the Couponizer a few months ago and I was intrigued. After trying a few more options, including begging Crystal to give me one,  I broke down and bought the darn thing. A few days later, I gleefully bounded out to meet my favorite UPS man and opened my new treasure. Where had this thing been all my life? My coupons are nicely organized by category and expiration date, and there is even a little pouch up front for coupons to be used at checkout! I love the couponstacker, especially on Sundays when I am a super coupon cutter. I also am a huge fan of the size of the Couponizer. It holds all of my coupons, but is small enough that my husband will take it when he does grocery shopping and the size does not take away any “man points.”


I know there are lots of great coupon organizing systems out there, but the Couponizer is what works for me!

For more GREAT works for me tip, bop on over to Shannon’s Blog. You will be so happy you did!!!!


3 responses to “Works For Me Wednesday

  1. Looks great but what did it cost???? Approximately?

    I’m still trying to not cut all my coupons unless I need to. I’m still, after 15 years of using coupons, not completely satisfied with my system… I’ll have to think about this one.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks great! I have been focusing on cutting my grocery budget. Right now I have been just sticking the coupons for the grocery trip in an envelope. It works but the Couponizer looks really nice. I may have to get one. Thanks for posting about it.

    My WFMW post: Meal Planning

  3. I think is was aroun 19 dollars? Totally worth it!

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