Fostering a positive reading relationship- Part 5- Creating a Literacy Rich Home

Research tells us one of the most effective ways to teach a child to read is to surround them with language. These are very simple, easy to implement ideas that parents shared at our monthly “reading nights”

photo by: evelynishere

  • Play the ABC game- this is just like the old car trip game. Ask your child to find something that starts with A, B, C… etc. As you child becomes a stronger reader you can move to letter sounds. You can also do this with magazines and other publications.

  • Read the room- Have your child read words they know. For example while eating breakfast ask your little reader to find 5 words they know on the cereal box.

  • Stash books in the car- That way you have something enriching available for unexpected down time and longer trips.

  • Have your child read to their siblings, dog, or stuffed animals. Just promoting reading as a family activity can boost your child’s confidence.

  • Use your words- Label things in your child’s playroom with both words and pictures. Encouraging the correspondence between pictures and words not only teaches how to read words, but also promotes good problem solving strategies.

While not every idea will work with your family, the important this is to make language a part of your everyday life.

How do you create literacy rich home? I would love to hear your ideas!


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