Fostering a Love of Reading- Part 3- Go Techno


photo by: whiteafrican

We live in a very digital society. We communicate, shop, and even learn via the virtual world. While virtual games and practice could never replace the teaching of parents and teachers, they are a great way for kids to practice their developing skills in an engaging and non- threatening environment. Here are some of my favorite online reading sites:

  • A site designed by a gentleman who has a reading disability. Great interactive activities.
  • A ton of great kid’s activities in all subject areas!
  • extensive book lists, with suggested reading levels and comprehension quizzes
  • interactive games featuring some of our favorite characters such as Clifford and those cool kids from the Magic School Bus
  • super funny poems written by kids for kids.
  • Click on “what can you do in the lab” for tons of games and online activities. This site is AMAZING!

As with all internet sites, be sure to visit them first to make sure the content is appropriate for your child’s level and your family’s guidelines.

Have a great reading website to share? Let us know in the comment section.


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