Healthy Recipe Swap: Tortellini Soup

Fishmama is hosting a healthy recipe swap over at Life as a Mom, and I am so excited to join in! I am one of those who really wants to eat healthy and serve wholesome foods to my family, but when push comes to shove I resort to my old stand-bys. The recipe I am posting, Tortellini Soup, came from a friend I used to teach with. This recipe could not be easier.



1T olive oil

1 onion, chopped  (fresh or frozen blend)

3 cloves of garlic chopped or pressed

1T Italian Seasoning

3 cans of chicken broth

1 can of petite diced tomatoes

1 jar of picante sauce

1 can of tomato sauce (if desired)

1 bag of frozen meat or cheese tortellini




  • In a large pot, sauté onion and garlic in the olive oil until onions are clear
  • Add 3 cans of chicken broth, Italian seasoning, tomatoes, picante sauce and tomato sauce and bring to boil
  • Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes
  • Raise heat and add tortellini, cook until soft and warm thought out


That’s it! Serve with bread and salad. It is a favorite of ours on those cold Kansas nights.



5 responses to “Healthy Recipe Swap: Tortellini Soup

  1. Janet, great recipe. I went ahead and added it to Mr. Linky. I don’t know why it wasn’t working for you. It was up at that time. Weird. Thanks again for posting!

  2. Oh, I just adore tortellini no matter how it’s served up! And I love the tomato base to this soup (so many tortellini soups are ‘just’ chicken broth). Thanks so much for sharing the recipe- I think it’d warm up our Indiana nights too! 🙂

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