Works for me Wednesday- My Brain Binder!


Since becoming a mom, I had a much harder time remembering things. Maybe it is age, maybe it is too much on my plate…. who knows, but it is a scary truth! 

In an effort to regain my sanity, I found the idea of a “household notebook” or a “kitchen folio” on several websites. I was in love– finally a way to literally keep it all together!!! Here is a peek at my “brain binder.”


I have 10 dividers: 


My daily docket ( a HUGE thanks to simple mom!)

Calendars- Church, school, book clubs, etc

Phone Numbers

Housekeeping: I use lists from simplemom and listplanit

Meals and Menus: My stash of take out menus, pantry and freezer inventories

Activities: this is where I keep notes, brochures and whatnots for our various activities

Mark: This is the section for my son’s things. Preschool papers, medication info, etc.

Church: I am on several committees our church so this is where I stash my notes

MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers group I belong to

Book Clubs: I found these great forms at listplanit to help me keep my readings straight!

Finances: Since we are following Dave Ramsey’s budget plan, I keep all of our papers here

Blog Work: Since I have several blogs to manage, I created a planning page based on listplanit. I also keep my style guides and correspondence in there .



I know everyone’s style organization is different, but this is what Works for Me!

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